Valse Naïve - the result of the shared effort of a music composer Antonello Tosto and illustrator & architect Mariapia Di Lecce.

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A composer, a pianist, an arranger, an improviser and, lately, a video maker. Antonello makes music like shepherds make cheese: with love.

“My music is not really mine, as I am the result of the interactions with all the people around me: therefore my music cannot exist without you.

Enjoy my art so it can exist.
Enjoy my art so I can exist.”



Di Lecce

An artist, illustrator and architect.

“I love to create spaces, real or imaginary spaces.”


Valse Naïve

The story

Valse Naïve – the music and video – is the result of the shared effort of Antonello Tosto and Mariapia Di Lecce.

Illustrations are created by Mariapia Di Lecce
Original score is composed by Antonello Tosto

Music is performed by
Umberto Galante – Clarinet
Daniele Quercia – Doublebass
Antonello Tosto – Piano
Music Mix and Mastering are by Giancarlo Guarrera

Friends and actors who participated in the realization of this work are:
Maridyl – the balcony girl  Mariapia Di Lecce

Buffalmacco – the lazy cat Buffalmacco
Marc- the second floor tenant –
Marco Pisciotta
Nello – the dreamy pianist  Antonello Tosto
Nikolaos, the industrious bartender – Nicola Vitucci
Francine, the mysterious woman – Francesca De Michele
Joseph, the perplexed writer – Giuseppe Viggiano
Daniel, the absorbed reader – Daniele Quercia

Listen to Valse Naïve here:

Music score available

For your convenience the music score of ValseNaїve by Antonello Tosto is available for a purchase.

Valse Naive music score cover A4



Valse Naїve project is a tangible manifestation of who we are together. We would like this to be the first of a series of videos, which tell small stories intertwined with each other.
Mariapia Di Lecce
Illustrator, artist and architect
Our vision

We are life companions, and this is our first attempt to become companions even at work. Our  vision together is to collaborate, create something unique, wrapped in music and video that arises from the interactions of our united personalities.

Antonello Tosto Valsenaive
Antonello Tosto
Composer and Video director



Would you like to be the protagonist of the next video? Just contact us and let’s wrap your story in video and music. We would love to hear from you. 

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