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Mariapia Di Lecce is an artist, architect, and illustrator born in Matera, a beautiful and inspiring town in Italy.
She graduated in Architecture and Architectural Engineering at the University of Parma.
Her professional approach is the union of two sides: one precise and technical, the other imaginative and creative. These two sides are always present in her work, sometimes one more prevalent than the other.
She works as an architect collaborating with architectural firms while producing technical drawings for various companies.
When creating her artwork, she uses traditional hand-drawn illustration, digital techniques and mixed media.
Sometimes she experiments with sculpture using polymer clay, wood, fabric and recycled material.

«Since I was able to handle a pencil I loved drawing my thoughts.
I am always on the lookout for inspiration from nature and from past and contemporary human creations.»

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If you like my work and would like to collaborate on your project, please contact me here. 

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